Pray for the world

So many things are happening around the world right now. The most obvious is Covid-19. A creature that unexpectedly snatched the year 2020 from us. I'm sure everyone has their own target to accomplish this year. Some people are planning to get married, some are looking for a fixed job, while others are busy drafting travel plan with friends.  Who would have thought that this year will be full of drama. 

This year might not be a good year for all of us. But believe me, if we take a look at every little thing that happen in our lives throughout the year, we will be grateful that we are still breathing in 2020. I don't know how 2021 will be, as long as we believe in God plan, everything will be fine. Stay safe everyone :D

Just Live

Today, I feel like updating my journal. Just a short one. Something just popped up in my mind. Somehow I feel sad. ☹

I know that a number of us might have faced some difficulties. 

You might be scared.

You might be sad.

You might be mad.

You might be hurt.

You might be exhausted.

And even think of ways to stop breathing.

But, NO!

Believe me, you’re not alone. 

Someone in the other side of the world is praying for you. 

Someone in the other side of the world is hoping in you.

Someone in the other side of the world is rooting for you.

The past might be non-enjoyable, the present might be helpless but for sure tomorrow is brighter if only we do something today.

Sometimes we just can’t help but feel powerless. During those times, believe me, the truth must be somewhere around you. Open your heart widely and find it. The day your heart sense peacefulness, you know you have found the right path. 

*sorry for my bad English. :)


OK. I’m still lack of ideas on what to write about. So, today I decide to talk about what my best friend has asked me yesterday, “between these two choices: be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read someone minds, which one would you choose and why?”. This is bad. She is bad. Why she asked me this unrealistic question? I haven’t answered her yet. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m still thinking. Which one would be better? To be able to go anywhere in a second or to be able to know what others thinking about me? Can’t I choose both? They seem fun. XD

“Yes, I’d a long discussion with myself on this matter. I mean a very long discussion. Then, I’ve finally decided. I would love to be able to go anywhere. I thought it must be fun to travel around the world or go to somewhere peaceful whenever I feel sad and disappointed”. This would be my answer to her. A cliche one but meaningful, isn’t? 😊

*On top of that, what I really want in my life is to be normal. It’s okay not to be able to travel anywhere. It’s okay not to be able to read someone minds. As long as I can be myself and live my life to its fullest. Meeting Arashi is a bonus!  😉